What is Hair Watering?

 I came up with the term, “hair watering” a couple months back when describing my hair routine to my husband. As a passionate gardener, I learned how detrimental it was when I forgot to water my plants. Often times, I would go many days without watering my plants due to my extreme schedule only to walk outside to a nearing plant graveyard. 


Figuring out the best watering schedule for my plants has taken years of practice. This too is what I have learned with my hair.


Becoming a new mom threw my hair routine off entirely. I no longer had the time to spend hours pre-pooing, washing, deep-conditioning, and styling my hair, nor did I desire to. Becoming a mom also birthed a more self-less, less vain version of myself. I realized that investing time into my home, and child was far more important than spending hours on my hair weekly, and even daily. 


Now, I’m not saying that I threw my hair care completely out the window. What I am saying is that I decided to evolve my hair routine to meet my current stage in life, a wife, mom, and entrepreneur.


The term “hair watering” came to me as I was in the process of watering my hair. I noticed that the more I allowed rich amounts of water to flow through my hair every night, accompanied with our USDA Certified Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil, that my hair became more softer, manageable, and easier to comb when in a rush. 


After, wearing the “mom bun” for several years, I got tired of the same ol’, same ol’ look. You know the tired mom looked, that’s driving the struggle bus. As life got in the way, I had forgotten how beautiful my curls were when I wore my hair down. 


This desire led me to take action. Which was finding the best, and fastest way to bring out the natural beauty of my curls with minimal effort. I began experimenting with different oils, and found that our Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil provided the most “slip” to easily glide a comb through my hair with water. 


When I say that I have seen miraculous results, I mean miraculous results! There are times that I have gone 4-5 days of the “mom bun” with just getting by with brushing the front and back with water and our Organic Hair balm. It looked good on the outside, but goodness gracious the inside would be a MESS! I’d even resort to the continuation of my hair running, when I felt like all hope was lost! Haha, oh the joys of motherhood…


This experience led me to go back down memory lane. In the days of old, when I had countless of hours to spend on my hair as a single woman. I was reminded that I always drenched my hair with water AT LEAST every other day. Alongside, my organic products, I realized that this kept my hair tangle-free, and more manageable. 


So, I decided to put this same idea into action by “watering” my hair every time I showered. I would first apply a generous amount of our Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the palms of my hands, and would apply it to my edges, roots, and ends. This castor oil was the slip that I needed to glide the comb easily through my curls, once fully drenched in water. Combing my hair became so easy, effortless in fact. Boom, boom, boom, and I was done! I would comb through small sections, and pineapple my curls for the next day. This would allow my curls to stay hydrated over night, add serious definition, and prevent any extra knots and tangles as I slept. 


The next day I would wake up and let my hair loose, to flawless definition. I could even dig my fingers through my hair and feel my scalp! Lol


I would then go on to quickly style my hair with spraying our Organic Hair Refresher Spray to prep my hair, and apply our Organic Hair Balm from root to tips through finger combing. 


This simple hair watering has improved the texture of my hair tremendously! No longer, will I hide my hair in a bun. No longer will I spend hours doing my hair. But now, I have developing a hair watering technique that works, and is also time efficient. Anyone can do this technique! Simply adjust the amount of our Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil based on your hair type. If you have fine hair, I recommend starting with a dime sized amount and adding additional product as needed. If you have thick, kinky hair I recommend using a quarter size amount and adding additional product as needed.


I even taught my husband this technique, as he has been growing out his hair, and he is HOOKED! Seeing him gain a his sense of dignity as he is able to comb his OWN hair in the shower with out having to struggle through countless of knots tickles me. But hey, it works. And remember, just as the plants, our hair needs water too flourish too.


Are you ready to hair water? Grab your Yenisi Beauty ® Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil today to get started!


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