What is the difference between Yenisi Beauty ® Body Butter and regular lotion? 

Regular lotion, often times, has alcohols, waters, and perfumes which ultimate damage and dry out your skin. This is the reason that most people find themselves applying lotion multiple times throughout the day because their skin becomes dry again shortly after using lotions. Yenisi Beauty ® Body Butter has no waters, no alcohols, and no synthetic parfumes! 

Can I use this on my face? 

This product is great daily moisturizer for the face, as the ingredients are rich in vitamin E which is great for breakout, blemishes, dark spots, and scars.

Can I use on my baby/toddler? 

Absolutely! Use Yenisi Beauty ® Body Butter as an all-in-one cream for babies to moisturize the entire face and body for sensitive skin prone to diaper rashes.  

Can men use it as well? 

Yes! Use as a daily moisturizer without feeling sticky or greasy!