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Use Yenisi Beauty ® Hair Balm For All Hair Types + Beards:

Fine Hair: Rub a fingertip amount of Hair Balm onto palms of hands to spread product evenly. Then apply product to your hair, and use as a hair mask or leave-in conditioning balm to support healthier hair growth. Apply all throughout hair to help smooth frizz, and fly-aways without leaving hair greasy, or weighed down. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Add additional product as needed.

Curly Hair + Kinky Hair: Replaces leave-in conditioners, oils, curl defining creams, mouses, and more! Start by rubbing a fingertip amount onto palms of hands after washing your hair. Apply to hair starting from the scalp and work product all the way to the ends of the hair. Apply additional product as needed. Use as a daily moisturizer to support healthier hair growth. Great for braids, twists, wash-n-go's and more! Use on wet or dry hair. 

Relaxed Hair: Rub a fingertip amount of Hair Balm onto palms of hands, and apply to hair as a daily moisturizer on dry hair, ends, and scalp, apply additional product as needed. Supports healthy hair growth . Helps smooth split ends, and frizz on processed hair. 

Locs: Use to twist and loc hair. Rub a fingertip amount of Hair Balm onto palms of hands and apply to hair as a daily moisturizer on wet or dry hair, add additional product as needed. Moisturizes without causing build up on Lots.

Beards: Replace your beard balms, oil, stylers, and more with just this one product. Support healthy beard growth, add shine, while keeping the face moisturized and healthy looking all day long. Rub in a fingertip amount to onto palms of hands and apply to entire beard after the . Work the product deep into skin. Does not feel greasy or oily!

Storage: Store in a cool dry place to maintain the integrity of the product. For external use only.

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We build educational communities at home + abroad. Our intention is to serve underdeveloped communities by offering access to education, building schools, and providing educational scholarships for short-term overseas travel to broaden the worldview of young minds.

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Every purchase of Yenisi Beauty ® products supports a child at home, and abroad through accessible international education. Help us to continue making a big impact in our future generations!

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yenisi Beauty ® founders

Walter + Brittnee lethermon

At first, Yenisi Beauty ® was a dream to sell clean, USDA Certified Organic Hair and Skincare products worldwide. Now, the dream has evolved into not only serving clean beauty, but also offering access to global education to pass the torch to the next generation.