Will it weigh my hair down?

No, it will not! A little hair balm goes a long way. Start by rubbing a smiling fingertip amount in the palms of hands, distribute into desired hair areas, and add additional product as needed. 

How much should I use?

Start with a fingertip amount of Yenisi Beauty ® Hair Balm and work your way up as needed,

Does this work for straight/fine hair?

Yes! Yenisi Beauty ® Hair Balm is the perfect hair styler, hair mask, leave-in conditioner, frizz, and split-end smoother for straight, or fine hair.


How do I use this product on my biracial child’s hair?

This product is just the right weight to smooth frizz, without leaving hair feeling greasy, or weighed down. After washing, begin by applying a fingertip amount to palms of hands, and apply to hair from root to tip. Comb through, and apply additional product as needed. Style as desired. Use as a daily moisturizer and styler on dry or wet hair.