Can I use Yenisi Beauty Hair Refresher Spray as a Dry Shampoo Spray?

Absolutely! Use our Hair Refresher Spray as a dry shampoo alternative. Our organic, non-toxic formula helps revive second-day hair, while preparing it for your days style. Use Yenisi Beauty Hair Refresher spray for curls, braids, locs, beards, straight, and fine hair!


How often can I used Yenisi Beauty Hair Refresher Spray?

Use daily before styling from roots to tips.


My hair is very fine, will it weigh my hair down?

No it will not. We use a light proprietary oil blend that adds life to your hair.


Will it get rid of Odor?

Of course! Once you smell organic mint + lemongrass in our Hair Refresher spray you will not want to go back to synthetic parfaumed hair sprays and refreshers. The sweet, yet coolness not only revitalizes your senses but also refreshes scalp, and helps keep hair smelling fresh anytime. 


Can I use it for my entire family + dogs?

Yes, our Hair Refresher spray is perfect for the entire family. Use for all hair types + beards as a dry shampoo replacement spray, reinvigorate hair naturally and organically. Use on their dogs to repel fleas with our organic mint + lemongrass essential oils.